10th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

Being married for a decade is not an easy thing because marriage has its wax and wane. Many people quit along the way but you managed 10 years together with your partner and that calls for a celebration.

Now that we both agree that this calls for a celebration, the next question is how to go about it. What to get for your spouse and what to expect. The gift or theme you choose will reflect what you feel for your spouse and we all know what you feel cannot be expressed by words alone, but by actions too.

After 10 years of staying together you must know your spouse’s favorite things and I'm here to help you to narrow the search even more. Since you know his/her favorites and I know the materials needed let's work on the perfect gift to celebrate the decade you just spent with the love of your life. Here are some gifts ideas to mark the 10 year wedding anniversary.

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Traditional Gift: Tin/ Aluminum

Family sculpture in metal

Get your partner’s attention with a special gift made of aluminum or tin to show your appreciation for the years of love they have showed you.

Aluminum and tin symbolize durability, which can be one word to describe a marriage that has lasted for 10 years. Aluminum and tin also symbolize flexibility which is key in a marriage because one should learn to compromise their standards for the sake of their partner’s wellbeing and comfort. These traditional gifts show that marriage can be bent but not broken.

Examples of very unique gifts made of aluminum or tin are: an aluminum treasure box, to keep all the memorable keep sakes that you have collected over the years; tin or aluminum picture frames to frame your favorite picture together with your partner or your wedding photo; aluminum personalized 'couples' heart key ring - an affordable gift that your partner will always carry around; aluminum watches which can be a great keepsake accessory for your spouse; aluminum cookware which can be used in the kitchen on a day-to-day basis; tin candle holders which will be a great décor for the house; tin or aluminum sculptures of anything or a character that your spouse likes.

Modern Gift: Diamond Jewellery

Diamond heart pendant necklace

The evolution from traditional to modern over the years has increased the range of gifts one can give.

Diamond is beautiful and strong gemstone just like your marriage. Diamond is hard to break and this symbolizes how strong your marriage is now it has reached a decade and still enduring. Diamond is more expensive than tin and aluminum.

Apart from diamond one can also add blue sapphire as a gift. Dazzle your spouse with diamond and blue sapphire jewelry for this amazing decade celebration. Diamonds have over the years been known as another symbol of love since they are mostly used in engagement rings.

Examples of diamond jewelry you can give your spouse are: Diamond necklace stainless steel: this can be the best gift to give your spouse because it's unisex and can be worn with any kind of fashion plus it can never be outdated. Diamond watch in stainless steel: another unisex gift that can be perfect for a 10 year wedding anniversary. Nice diamond earrings will also earn you points with you wife on this day. Diamond or sapphire rings or bands which can also be unisex and go with everything one wears. Diamond brooches and cufflinks can also be amazing gifts to give to a spouse. No doubt these are great ideas to give your partner for this celebration.

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Associated Gemstone: Diamond/ Crystal/ Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline ring

Diamond is a gemstone of so much value but also symbolic. It shows a great devotion to someone which is why most people prefer it as an engagement ring.

Green Tourmaline, on the other hand, is considered as a healing gemstone. This is a great symbol in your marriage because every marriage has its ups and downs and sometimes forgiveness and healing is a virtue. This crystal will symbolize new beginnings as you heal and let go of your past experiences in your marriage.

Associated Flower: Daffodil

Yellow daffodil spring flowers

Flowers are beautiful and always give a positive vibe in a room. Different flowers have different representations. As for the daffodil in this case is it represents cheerfulness, joy, happiness, inspiration, vitality, creativity, memory, inspiration, forgiveness and inner reflection. Daffodils also symbolize renewal.

After a decade of marriage renewal is greatly needed in your marriage and what better way to show it than ten daffodils to your spouse. This flower is energizing and simulating making it the right flower for the 10 year wedding anniversary gift. It is also a symbol of rejuvenating old relationships.

Other Information

The color blue is affiliated with credence, faith, wisdom and loyalty. Blue generates an appeasing effect on the human body, blended together with tranquility. When choosing gifts for your spouse on this special day go for the color blue in particular to create a calming atmosphere and a positive vibe.

Silver is believed to restore a positive vibe to the body and release any negativity. It also represents unconditional love, kindness, sensitivity and tenderness. Giving silver gifts to your spouse can represent the undying love you have for them and the positive effect they have on your life.

In her 1922 book "Etiquette", Emily Post suggests that, in America at least, it is "not very good form to ask any but intimate friends and family to an anniversary party—especially as those bidden are supposed to send presents."

However, presents from anyone other than the spouse "need of value; in fact the paper, wooden and tin wedding presents are seldom anything but jokes."