13th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

Thirteen may be seen as an unlucky number in Western societies, but to be honest reaching 13 years of marriage is not an achievement to be underestimated, particularly in today’s world.

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Traditional Gift: Lace

Lace is a traditional thirteenth wedding anniversary gift.

Lace is exquisite and many clothing and household gifts can be bought as gifts, including decorative tablecloths.

Modern Gift: Textiles/ Furs

Modern 13th wedding anniversary presents are textiles and furs.

Textiles could cover many different types of material so really it shouldn’t be too difficult to find some clothing or decorative item, perhaps a wall hanging, which is just perfect for your partner.

Real fur has definitely fallen out of favour in recent years due to concerns over animal cruelty. However, a large number of fake furs can be purchased for coats, glovesand hats.

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Associated Gemstone: Citrine

The thirteenth anniversary gemstone is citrine.

Associated Flower: Chrysanthemum/ Hollyhock

The 13th anniversary flower is the chrysanthemum.

Although in some cultures, chrysanthemums are used as a sign of death or grief, some cultures also see them as a sign of honesty, while in most of the United States they are a positive, cheerful flower.

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