15th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

Traditional Gift: Crystal

Crystal is a traditional fifteenth wedding anniversary gift.

Decorative crystal glassware is a beautiful gift, which is probably what is meant here. However, one could also buy actual crystals instead.

Modern Gift: Watches

A modern 15th wedding anniversary present is a watch.

Watches seem to be going out of fashion somewhat as people use their mobile phones to tell the time, but there’s still nothing like a well-crafted timepiece.

Associated Gemstone: Ruby/ Rhodolite

The fifteenth anniversary gemstone is either ruby or rhodolite.

Recommended Suppliers

  • David Austin Roses Beautiful, high quality bare-root and container roses to buy and plant in your garden or patio pots.

Associated Flower: Rose

The 15th anniversary flower is the rose.

Other Information

In her 1922 book "Etiquette", Emily Post suggests that, in America at least, it is "not very good form to ask any but intimate friends and family to an anniversary party—especially as those bidden are supposed to send presents."

That said - whereas presents from anyone other than the spouse "need not...be of value; in fact the paper, wooden and tin wedding presents are seldom anything but jokes." - "crystal is the earliest that is likely to be taken seriously by the gift-bearers."