16th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The 16th wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with gifts of silverware or hollowware. Silverware represents the preciousness of the relationship, while hollowware symbolizes the emptiness that must be filled with love. Couples often celebrate by exchanging gifts or taking a trip together. Some traditional ideas include renewing wedding vows or hosting a dinner party with close friends and family. The focus is on celebrating the love, commitment, and growth in the first 16 years of marriage.

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Traditional Gift: None

Interestingly, after 15 years the traditional gifts tend to go up in five year intervals. However, that doesn’t mean you can get out of buying a gift on your 16th anniversary!

Modern Gift: Silver Hollowware/ Wax Candle Flowers

A modern 16th wedding anniversary present is a silver hollowware.

Generally, this means silver containers and receptacles such as bowls, tea pots, trays, pitchers and the like.

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Associated Gemstone: Peridot

Peridot is the gemstone most associated with the sixteenth wedding anniversary.

Associated Flower: None

Other Information

No flower is officially linked to the 16th wedding anniversary.