2nd Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas for the 2nd Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

Every milestone in your marriage deserves a celebration. Even the tiny bit of milestone. As a man this may sound weird but to any woman, it’s the little things that matter.

So it's official! It's been two years since you committed to the man or woman of your dreams. Time flies, huh? Now that we've established that marriage has its peaks and valleys, it's time to reward your spouse with a gift that will explain your marriage in a way that words cannot.

Since you have that gift idea in your head, we're here to help you make it practical with some ideas for your 2nd wedding anniversary.

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Traditional Gift: Cotton/ Paper

A cotton heart-patterned night gown


Cotton fibers are strong and intertwined to make a durable yet comfortable fabric; this in itself should describe your marriage. Cotton is known to survive many changes, and this should reflect your marriage too. Adapting to different situations helps build a marriage because you are willing to compromise for the sake of your partner.

Interestingly, when cotton is used as a verb, it can mean "to get on well together; agree".

Not only that, but an archaic meaning of 'cotton' is "to prosper or succeed".

Cotton is used for many household items and clothes; this shows its varied and long-lasting nature — a symbol of your marriage. Since you are committed to spending the rest of your life with your partner, what better way to show it than giving a beautiful cotton made gift. You can modernize this traditional gift by having it custom made with your partner's name on it — an affordable yet thoughtful gift.

Examples of cotton gifts you can get for your better half are custom made shirts, socks, sweatshirts, hand towels, pillow cases, boxers, or even vests. You can also buy your partner new bed sheets and duvet covers which will always remind your spouse of your anniversary every time you use them, and this will create a romantic night for you and your partner.


Paper is a common, inexpensive item, yet can be turned from blank sheets to important records. This is similar to a new marriage relationship — a plain canvas with huge potential.

Paper can be both weak and strong, easily destroyed through carelessness, yet with strong interlaced strands. This shows the difference between a relationship which is taken for granted versus one which is nurtured.

Paper is manufactured from plants and trees, and so reminds the couple of the long-term commitment a marriage symbolises.

There are plenty of paper-based gifts of varying financial value which can be bought, including tickets, stationery, magazine subscriptions, calendars, books, prints, sheet music, puzzles, and more. Ideally the gift would be personalised in some way to make it more special.

Homemade items might include love notes, paper/card boxes and envelopes full of memories, cards, and more.

Modern Gift: China/ Calico

Fine china cups


The early years of your marriage are delicate because they are forming its foundation. Fine china is perfect for this occasion. China is beautiful yet so delicate, and if properly taken care of it can last more than a decade still looking new. What better way to show your spouse that you love them than by giving them fine china for this occasion.

Taking care of china and preserving it takes some effort, and china ornaments and tableware cannot be treated as just any other object. This is an excellent way to show your spouse that you're in this for the long term, and that you will take delicate care of them in your marriage.

Fine china tea sets consist of different items which, as a whole, complement each other. In your marriage also, you have to admit you are totally different people but now you complement the other.

Examples of fine china you can gift you spouse are: personalized drinking mugs, ceramic or porcelain vases, a jewelry box, candelabras, cameo brooch or cufflinks, picture frames, serving plates, saucer set, porcelain cups, and decorative china ornaments.

Antique shops can be a good source of inspiration and final purchases for this type of gift.


Calico is a form of unbleached and unprocessed cotton, available relatively inexpensively compared to other materials.

It is a versatile material which can be used as a neutral base for many items, including artist canvases, curtains, pillow cases, furnishings and bags.

For a truly unique, personalised artistic gift, calico makes an excellent base for hand printing and dyeing.

Other less processed materials derived from unfinished cotton include muslin, gauze, canvas and cheesecloth.

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Associated Gemstone: Garnet/ Rose Quartz

Red garnet set in white gold pendant


Garnets are a variety of minerals which come in a several different colors, from the purples and orange-red of pyrope and almandine garnet, oranges of spessartine garnet, yellow and yellow-green of andradite garnet, and yellow, reds, greens and even colorless varieties of grossular garnet.

Garnet is known for transforming and refreshing energy around people. It is also known for equalizing and stabilizing situations that have gotten out of hand both inside and outside. This gemstone also possesses protective properties from evil.

You don't have to be superstitious to get this stone but explaining the meaning of the stone to your spouse can give it all the sentimental value you want it to have. This will show your spouse that you are ready to protect your marriage at all costs, and that you will always be a positive force in their life.

The stone is said to bring hope, prosperity, commitment, and peace. Garnet is also said to increase sex drive. This aspect can come in handy if you are planning a romantic dinner or getaway. You can get it in rings, pendants, rings, cufflinks or even earrings because this gemstone is best worn next to the skin.

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is an alternative gemstone. This stone is commonly referred to as the "love stone" and is used to attract love and positive energy. This will definitely earn you points with your spouse, and it's very affordable. It can be worn in pendants, chokers, rings, bands, watches, earrings, brooches or key chains.

Associated Flower: Lily of the valley/ Cosmos

Lily of the Valley flowers in bloom

Lily of the Valley

The lily of the valley is believed to return sweetness and happiness in someone’s life. Marriage is not easy (if you haven't realized by now). It's a long-term commitment to one person, and if it is not valued or cherished, it can easily wither away. If you and your spouse have been going through a rough patch then this flower will be the perfect gift to restore the sweetness and happiness back to your marriage. Get you partner a bouquet of this beautiful flower with a ceramic vase, and that will speak volumes where words fail you.


The cosmos, on the other hand, is associated with beauty and peace. This is symbolic of your marriage as it predicts peace to you beautiful union. What more can a person ask when you are married?

Other Information

Red is the universal color of love and what better way to celebrate an anniversary than with the color of love. Red is the color of passion, sexuality, and romance. Get your partner a gift with the color red. I know it sounds like you will have two Valentine’s Days in one year, but no harm is done, right? It could be red wine or roses, or even go an extra mile and gift them red cotton bed sheets.

Now that you are fully equipped with gift ideas, and we have narrowed the search for the gifts to get your spouse, go all out on your second wedding anniversary. You can go out for a romantic dinner or just stay indoors and cuddle up in your new red cotton bed sheets. Make sure you enjoy this milestone in your marriage and then look forward to much more to come.