20th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The 20th wedding anniversary is known as the "China Anniversary." The traditional gift for this occasion is fine china, although other popular gift options include items made of porcelain, or even a trip to China. Some couples choose to celebrate this milestone by renewing their vows, hosting a special dinner party, or taking a romantic trip together. Ultimately, the way a couple chooses to celebrate their 20th anniversary is a personal decision and can be tailored to their individual preferences and style.

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Traditional Gift: China/ Emerald

Fine china cups


One traditional twentieth wedding anniversary gift is china, which is also a second anniversary gift.

There are many practical and decorative items made from china, including crockery and tableware and ornaments.

China is beautiful yet so delicate, and if properly taken care of it can last more than a decade still looking new. What better way to show your spouse that you love them than by giving them fine china for this occasion.

Taking care of china and preserving it takes some effort, and china ornaments and tableware cannot be treated as just any other object. This is an excellent way to show your spouse that you're in this for the long term, and that you will take delicate care of them in your marriage.

Fine china tea sets consist of different items which, as a whole, complement each other. In your marriage also, you have to admit you are totally different people but now you complement the other.

Examples of fine china you can gift you spouse are: personalized drinking mugs, ceramic or porcelain vases, a jewelry box, candelabras, cameo brooch or cufflinks, picture frames, serving plates, saucer set, porcelain cups, and decorative china ornaments.

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Vibrant green emeralds are commonly used to make beautiful, attention-grabbing jewelry, with those featuring optimal shade and transparency potentially being more valuable than diamond.

Denoting such qualities and truth and love, the ancient Greeks and Romans saw emerald as the gemstone of the goddess Venus, representing love and hope.

The Inca and Egyptian cultures also treasured the emerald, seeing it as a source of eternal life, and being a gift from Thoth, the ancient god of wisdom.

Although the color green may be associated with envy, it also represents vitality. This is perhaps not surprising as nature is full of green, as we see each spring as new life bursts forth.

Emerald can represent new beginnings, which is possibly something a two decade marriage may desire or need. It also marks a faithful, deep and mature love.

Modern Gift: Platinum

A modern 20th wedding anniversary present is platinum.

Platinum rings are an obvious gift but it’s also worth looking for more unusual items such as platinum-embellished tableware.

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Associated Gemstone: Emerald

The gemstone associated with the twentieth wedding anniversary is the emerald. See the traditional gift description for emerald above to learn why it could be such a good choice for the 20th wedding anniversary.

Associated Flower: Aster/ Day Lily

The flowers associated with the 20th wedding anniversary are the aster and day lily.