23rd Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The 23rd wedding anniversary is not a widely recognized anniversary milestone. Some couples choose to celebrate with a special outing, gift, or a small gathering with friends and family.

There is no traditional material or symbol associated with this anniversary although some suggest silver-plate.

Ultimately, the way a couple celebrates their 23rd anniversary is a personal decision and can be tailored to their individual preferences and style.

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Traditional Gift: Silver Plate

An engraved silver plate

Although many suggest there is no traditional anniversary gift above year 20, for years not divisible by five, others suggest that both the traditional and modern gift to give is that of silver plate.

Gifts that could be given made from silver plate include tableware and kitchenware, household items, plaques and candle holders.

Silver is associated with the ornate, with glamor, grace, sophistication and elegance. Even the most practical of items is made special when gifted in silver.

Some people believe that silver itself can draw negative energy from the body, replacing it with positive energy.

However silver plate is gifted, it needs to be looked after. Tarnished silverware is not attractive or usable, but thankfully it can be easily treated with a little time and care.

Modern Gift: Silver Plate

An engraved silver plate

A modern 23rd wedding anniversary present is silver plate.

There are a lot of practical and decorative gifts that could be given made from this metal, including tableware and kitchenware, household items, plaques, candle holders and such like.

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Associated Gemstone: Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz and silver pendant

Imperial topaz is suggested as the gemstone representing the 23rd wedding anniversary.

The pink-orange-red imperial topaz is said to be the rarest and most sought after in the topaz gemstone family, and are mined from a specific region in Brazil.

The word imperial means "supreme", and the imperial topaz is said to strengthen and develop relational bonds, build positivity, enhance affections and create friendly atmospheres.

Topaz jewellery can include rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces.

Associated Flower: None

There is no flower associated with the 23rd wedding anniversary.