23rd Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

There is no traditional gift associated with the twenty-third wedding anniversary as, after the 15th year, gifts tend to be specified only for every fifth anniversary.

That doesn’t mean you should expect to get out of buying a present though!

Modern Gift: Silver Plate

A modern 23rd wedding anniversary present is silver plate.

There are a lot of practical and decorative gifts that could be given made from this metal, including tableware and kitchenware, household items, plaques, candle holders and such like.

Associated Gemstone: Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz is suggested as the gemstone representing the 23rd wedding anniversary.

The pink-orange-red imperial topaz is said to be the rarest and most sought after in the topaz gemstone family, and are mined from a specific region in Brazil.

The word imperial means "supreme", and the imperial topaz is said to strengthen and develop relational bonds, build positivity, enhance affections and create friendly atmospheres.

Topaz jewellery can include earrings, pendants and necklaces.

There is no flower associated with the 23rd wedding anniversary.