24th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

Traditional Gift: Opal

Although traditional gifts tend to be specified for every fifth year after year 15, we found a list which suggested opal to be a traditional twenty-fourth wedding anniversary gift.

Jewellery would be the obvious choice for a gift made from opal.

Modern Gift: Musical Instruments

A modern 24th wedding anniversary present is a musical instrument.

Purchasing a musical instrument will depend on budget and the musical interest of your spouse. If your partner already plays an instrument, some kind of accessory might be appreciated. Or, if they’ve been dropping hints about learning to play a particular instrument, this might be the perfect opportunity to surprise them.

Musical instruments vary tremendously in type, size and price. Popular instruments include guitars, music keyboards, harmonicas, ukeleles and smaller percussion instruments.

Associated Gemstone: Tanzanite

Tanzanite is associated with the twenty-fourth wedding anniversary although as opal is the traditional gift, this would seem appropriate.

Associated Flower: 2 dozen roses

We had not found an official flower associated with the 24th wedding anniversary, but one listing site suggested two dozen (twenty-four) roses as a flower gift.