25th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is also known as the silver wedding anniversary.

Traditionally, a husband would present his wife with a silver garland or wreath, symbolising harmony, strength and durability.

From that awkward first date to twenty five years together, you’ve made a life as a couple. Now it’s time to celebrate that journey, but what do you get someone that probably knows you better than yourself?

25th anniversaries are a once in a lifetime event and deserve a celebration. The traditional 25th anniversary gift is silver, but what you choose should be symbolic and as unique as your life together. Add a monogram or engraving to make a gift personal.

Traditional Gift: Silver

Silver is the traditional gift for 25th wedding anniversaries and why shouldn’t a gift celebrating this milestone shine? A traditional gift that could become a heirloom is picture frame, especially if it’s engraved. Insert a family picture, or better yet, of just the grandchildren, and it would be sure to please. You could also have a frame with a picture of the happy bride and groom and then twenty five years later in a frame. A copy of the couple’s wedding vows would also be lovely in a picture frame.

Simple everyday items can be luxury gifts when they’re made of materials such as silver. For example, a keepsake or trinket box that’s engraved can hold cherished items. A handheld mirror and brush or pocket watch are items that will be get regular use. A box to hold a timepiece may also be an option.

For the couple that enjoys entertaining here are a few ideas. A customized ice bucket, cocktail set, flask, or platter would be well-received and used. Add in monogramed carving board or personalized wine bottle to get the party going.

Modern Gift: Silver

Associated Gemstone: Silver/ Tsavorite

Tsavorite is a garnet with deep green coloring, but retains clarity. Such a unique gemstone would make any piece distinctive and still complement a traditional wedding ring. Tsavorite’s color can make an ordinary brooch or earrings more unique. Pieces could be found at your standard jewelry store, but online retailers have made it easier to purchase vintage or custom pieces. Combine tsavorite with silver.

Jewelry can also be a way to give a gift that’s traditional and personal. For example, a necklace can have the birthstones of the couple’s children or grandchildren. Some jewelers have special pieces designed to celebrate long-lasting relationships such as linking hearts or with infinity charms. Handcrafted jewelry options include pressed necklaces or bracelets. For the couple that travels a simple necklace with the pressed longitude and latitude of home could be a special gift. A matching gift for him could be a similarly pressed keychain or bracelet. For him, a gift of monogrammed cufflinks or watch are tasteful and personal.

Associated Flower: Iris

Irises are elegant flowers, but are long-lasting perennials that can be easy to grow in diverse climates as long as they are cared for which make them much like long-lasting marriages. Roses may be the standard flower to give and receive, but an anniversary like this means you’ll need to step up your game.

You may want to give a gift of irises that will last longer than a bouquet.

Other Information

Emily Post's "Etiquette" book (1922) suggests that "in Germany a silver wedding is a very important event and a great celebration is made of it.

Make your gift personal and symbolic of your life together by considering commissioning an art piece. Have your favorite picture together turned into a painting and possibly with the lines from your favorite poem as the background. Another option is to have a love letter turned into a piece of fabric that could be framed or used to make something simple such as pillowcase. Have photos or film that is sitting in a dusty box? Consider having those memories digitized. You could have your home movies made into a film that helps you two relive your years together. Photos can also be made into a scrapbook by online companies.

Another option is to consider taking a trip that has been put off. Many cruise lines offer excursions that vary from a long weekend to a couple of weeks. Perhaps it’s time to revisit where you took your honeymoon or visit a place that you’ve dreamed about. A trip together is a way to help make time for one another and rediscover why you fell in love in the first place.

Why not celebrate your anniversary with your family and friends? Many couples choose to renew their vows and celebrate with loved ones. This is an opportunity for the couple’s family to be a part of this celebration. If you’d rather not have a vow renewal, there’s no reason why you can’t still have a party. This celebration could be a low-key event held in a backyard or a more formal event at country club or banquet hall. Photos of the couple throughout the years, dancing, and reminiscing with loved ones could make this a special moment.