26th Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas for the 26th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The married couple now finds themselves one year beyond the silver anniversary. After such a milestone it can be tempting to let the 26th anniversary pass by. Naturally, that would be a big mistake!

While the event may not be celebrated with as much pizazz as the 25th anniversary, it should still certainly be respected and cherished.

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Traditional Gift: None

There is no traditional gift associated with the twenty-sixth wedding anniversary as, after the 15th year, gifts tend to be specified only for every fifth anniversary.

Modern Gift: Original Pictures

Pot of paint brushes - Photo by OVAN from Pexels

A modern 26th wedding anniversary present is original pictures.

There are many ways to gift an original picture.

Perhaps you have a favorite artist or photographer and would like to invest in a framed piece of their artwork.

Maybe you are an artist or photographer yourself and can paint or compose a piece of original art which has significance to your marriage. In this case, you'll likely need to factor in plenty of time for the creative process, and may need to find creative ways of keeping it a secret. Don't skimp on the framing and presentation of the artwork once it's complete, and you have a unique, heartfelt gift celebrating your marriage.

Alternatively, how about organising a portrait session for you as a couple, or with close family members? This will be a superb memento of the quarter-century plus you've spent together.

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Associated Gemstone: Jade

Jade gemstone elephant pendant

Some countries have adopted the green gemstone jade as the gemstone for the 26th wedding anniversary.

This ornamental mineral was used prominently in Asian art, and is also found in jewelry, tools and sculptures.

It is highly durable and, although many people consider it to be exclusively green in color, it can also be found in white, lavender, yellow, blue, black, red, orange, and gray coloring.

Jade's properties mean it can be gifted in more ways than simply jewelry, although that's a great gift in itself. Those appreciating sculpture, particularly of oriental origin or inspiration, may really love an ornament made from this gemstone.

Associated Flower: Rose

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Closeup of red rose flower - Photo by Parag Deshmukh from Pexels

Spain and Italy consider the rose to be the flower gift for the 26th wedding anniversary. We've already seen it listed for the 15th anniversary and yellow roses are suggested for the 50th, which is hardly surprising given how beautiful roses are and their natural affinity with love and romance.

Of course, cut roses are always an option but for something more permanent, why not consider a living rose which can be planted in the garden or grown in a large pot on a patio. Depending on the variety, this will give fantastic blooms and scents for many summers to come, improving with age and often requiring minimal maintenance.

Other Information

Celebrity Trivia

Mauricio Pochettino managed to gift his wife a football result marking their 26th wedding anniversary.

On 23rd December, 2018, the soccer team he manages — Spurs — beat Everton 6-2 away from home, making the score appear as 2-6.

We hope he bought his wife Karina something a bit more personal than that as well.