27th Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas for the 27th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

Twenty seven years of marriage. You're well on your way to having spent three decades together. No doubt things have changed in the time you've been together. You may have children and even grandchildren. Both good and bad times have shaped you as a couple, you've weathered the storms and enjoyed the pleasures, and now you find yourselves two years on from the silver anniversary. Perhaps you thought you'd not make it this far, but you have!

Time for another celebration, and even though there aren't many 'official' gifts listed for the 27th year, that doesn't mean a little bit of imagination and forethought can't make it an anniversary to remember.

Even if money isn't in plentiful supply right now, make sure your time, words and deeds are extravagant in nature. Don't let this pass by as just another day. Do things together that you enjoy, relax, and look forward to the years ahead.

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Traditional Gift: None

Men's cobalt ring

There is no traditional gift associated with the twenty-seventh wedding anniversary as, after the 15th year, gifts tend to be specified only for every fifth anniversary.

That doesn’t mean you should expect to get out of buying a present though!

Does the number 27 hold any significance to you as a couple?

How about getting a little scientific? The 27th element is cobalt, which is now a popular choice for jewelry, particularly rings.

Modern Gift: Sculpture

Wood sculpture

A modern 27th wedding anniversary present is sculpture.

Ready-made sculptures can be bought online or from local craft fairs. Perhaps you could commission an sculptor to create a bespoke piece for your partner.

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Associated Gemstone: None

There is no gemstone associated with the twenty-seventy wedding anniversary. However, you could try getting a bit scientific and look at the 27th element, which is cobalt.

Also known as cobalt chrome, this strong and durable is an increasingly popular choice for making jewelry, particularly rings, and is used as an alternative to white gold or platinum. Although it cannot be used alone in jewelry, it can be alloyed with metals such as chromium, tungsten and iron. Its appearance is similar to that of white gold, being highly reflective. Cobalt jewelry does not require re-plating, and does not easily tarnish or corrode.

It is also possible to obtain black cobalt rings, offering a striking look.

Associated Flower: None

There is no flower associated with the 27th wedding anniversary.