3rd Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas for the 3rd Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

Marriage is a beautiful thing and, even though it has its ups and downs, it's still amazing. Celebrating each milestone you make in your marriage makes it stronger. Three years into a marriage is definitely something worth celebrating. Choosing a gift theme and type can be a challenge. Here are some themes and gift ideas that will warm your partner's heart on your 3rd wedding anniversary.

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Traditional Gift: Leather

Leather Tray

Leather is the traditional gift associated with the third wedding anniversary. Leather is durable, strong, warm, resilient and flexible. These are pillars that every marriage needs in order to be happy and fruitful.

At this point in marriage it's assumed the couple knows each other fairly well and has overcome one or several significant challenges in their relationship. The leather anniversary denotes a new beginning with forgiveness of all the past mistakes and unconditional love.

There is a wide array of leather gifts that you can get your partner or the couple on their third wedding anniversary. There are old themed leather gifts such as handbags, wallets, purses, and even shoes, but with times changing the gifts have also revolutionized.

You can still be traditional but with a bit of a modern theme attached to it - personalized diaries, phone covers, key holders with your partner's name engraved on it, personalized photo albums made from leather.

More intimate items such as necklaces and bracelets have cut across time, and they are still as trendy now as they were ages ago. Open-minded couples go a bit further to make leather gifts that are appealing in the bedroom.

Most people believe that theming your third wedding anniversary with a traditional gift is symbolic. It represents appreciating the marriage institution as it was decades ago. This means infidelity and open marriage, among other things, were outlawed.

Modern Gift: Crystal/ Glass

Crystal Glassware

The institution of marriage has undergone tremendous changes over the years. This has also been the same phenomena with the types of weddings, wedding gifts, and the celebration of anniversaries.

A modern 3rd wedding anniversary gift is crystal or glass. There are different types of crystals, and you can present your partner with one that holds a unique personal meaning to your marriage. For example, a necklace or bracelet with Agate crystals symbolizes courage and strength in the relationship. One of my friends used this on their third anniversary after beating all the odds of family and friends trying to separate them at the same time as coping with unemployment.

Other crystals such as green jade, carnelian, calcite golden and aragonite sputnick carry bold and unique meanings. If your partner is fascinated by shiny glass items or crystals, then this modern theme and gifts can make it a day to remember.

Engraved gifts always have a way of warming peoples' hearts. You can get glass vases, mugs, candleholders or blocks with your partner's name etched onto it. Crystals also come in different beautiful colors, and they make unique jewelry. Pink crystals symbolize undying love and beauty.

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Associated Gemstone: Moonstone/ Pearl/ Jade

Moonstone ring jewelry

For centuries gemstones have been used to symbolize a certain period of a person's life. Precious stones are unique ways of expressing your love beyond words. The meaning and inspiration that comes with each gemstone are massive, and that's why it's one of the most amazing gifts for a wedding anniversary.

The gemstone can be accompanied by a card to your partner to express your emotions and also explain the meaning of the gemstone. Normally, the third wedding anniversary is symbolised by the gemstones pearl, jade and moonstone.


Pearl is the oldest and most valuable gem. It is traditionally used to symbolize purity, faith, beauty, honesty, and innocence. These are qualities that a marriage needs to prosper. Pearls come in different shapes and colors, each having a unique meaning and inspiration. Silvery-white pearl was traditionally used for a third wedding anniversary to indicate new beginnings, purity, and sincerity.


Jade is another precious stone that has been used for centuries as an alternative third anniversary gift. The Chinese have believed that Jade is a protective stone and drains misfortunes from a person's life. Jade symbolizes longevity, fidelity, stability, and love.


Moonstone is also a precious stone that bears various symbolic meanings of great significance in people's lives. Not only is it beautiful, but some believe it is a stone which symbolises protection, particularly during pregnancy and childbirth - something which may well be common by the time of the third anniversary.

Associated Flower: Sunflower/ Fuchsia


Flowers have been used to grace various special events in our lives. They have also been used to express our feelings towards those we care about. Wedding anniversary celebrations bring out the love and good in us, and so do the flowers. The sunflower is the third wedding anniversary's associated flower.


The sunflower draws its beauty from the sun - one of nature's most beautiful objects. It represents longevity, adoration, loyalty, and warmth. The structure of the sunflower is also symbolic with many petals connected to the core of the flower. That is how marriage is, and love is the heart of everything that comes with marriage.


Fuchsia is another traditional third wedding anniversary flower. It resembles confiding love, amiability, and good taste. Everything about this flower is symbolic.

Fuchsia is vivid purplish red in color. All fuchsia varieties have edible fruit, although only the berry of F. splendens is reported to have any good taste - that of citrus and black pepper - while others are either flavorless or unpleasant to taste. Fuchsia fruit can be be made into jam.

A hardy fuchsia can be planted in the garden and, with a little care, will flower year after year, adding grace and elegance to any home.

Other Information

Jade green stones

Jade Green is considered to be the theme color for third wedding anniversary. Some people opt for white to symbolize purity, love, fidelity, and peace. Jade symbolizes peace and calmness in times of storm.

Wedding anniversaries are special regardless of the years you have been together. Appreciating the people you love for choosing to share their lives with you is beautiful. The theme and the gift you choose for your third wedding anniversary are just the icings, but the main aspect is to make it personal and memorable. It is the little memories we make in life that strengthen our love for each other and resilience to negative outside influence. Marriage is a journey and celebrates each milestone you achieve so that you will look at your partner's eyes and realize how amazing they are.