30th Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas for the 30th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

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Traditional Gift: Pearl

The traditional 30th anniversary gift is that of pearl. This beautiful, valuable white sphere is formed around a grain of sand inside the shell of an oyster, and is a prized object for use in jewelry.

The pearl is a symbol of perfection and incorruptibility, of long life and fertility. It is often considered a moon symbol.

Because it is formed in secret within a shell, the pearl represents hidden knowledge, and it is highly feminine. Many eastern philosophies (Buddhism, Taoism, Hindu) relate the "flaming pearl" to wisdom and spiritual awareness.

Many gifts made from or incorporating pearls are suitable for an anniversary gift, particularly for a woman. Popular jewelry includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Other things which are made from pearl and make good anniversary gifts include spoons and pens.

Modern Gift: Diamond

Although the sixtieth anniversary is still far away, a modern gift associated with your 30th year is diamond.

Diamond jewelry for both men and women is plentiful and needs no explanation. It's a timeless, beautiful and highly prized gemstone which is sure to be well received by whoever you gift it to.

Please be sure that you source your diamond jewelry from reputable retailers who can assure you that it has not been mined in conflict zones.

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Associated Gemstone: Pearl / Jade / Diamond

Jade gemstone elephant pendant

Together with pearl and diamond, jade is a gemstone associated with wedding anniversary number thirty.

This ornamental green mineral was used prominently in Asian art, and is also found in jewelry, tools and sculptures.

It is highly durable and, although many people consider it to be exclusively green in color, it can also be found in white, lavender, yellow, blue, black, red, orange, and gray coloring.

Jade's properties mean it can be gifted in more ways than simply jewelry, although that's a great gift in itself. Those appreciating sculpture, particularly of oriental origin or inspiration, may really love an ornament made from this gemstone.

Associated Flower: Lily/ Sweet Pea

Two flowers associated with the 30th wedding anniversary are lilies and sweet peas.


Although many think of white lilies, they actually come in a variety of colors including white, pink, red, orange and yellow, each with their own meanings. Of course, you can simply buy lilies in any color for their stunning beauty, but may also like the symbolism behind them:

The Greek myth of Hera and Zeus associates lilies with rebirth and motherhood. In China, lilies are used at weddings, symbolising 100 years of love and good luck. Lilies are often associated with the Virgin Mary or the goddess of fertility, Ishtar.

One word of warning: don't buy lilies if you have cats, as the sap is toxic and can be fatal.

Sweet Pea

Alternatively, the sweet pea is a beautiful, fragrant flower. It is often gifted at weddings. It's a wonderful plant to grow in the garden and to use in cut flower arrangements, where its wonderful perfume will fill a room.

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