32nd Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The 32nd wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the "conveyance" anniversary. This is because, traditionally, the 32nd anniversary is marked by the giving of a gift that represents the idea of travel or transportation. Some popular gifts for this anniversary include a new car, a cruise vacation, a bicycle, or a piece of luggage.

In addition to the traditional gift of conveyance, some couples may choose to celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary with a special trip or vacation, or with a romantic dinner or outing. Others may prefer to mark the occasion with a more low-key celebration, such as a quiet evening at home or a simple exchange of gifts.

As with all wedding anniversaries, the 32nd anniversary is an opportunity for couples to celebrate their enduring love and commitment to each other. Whether it's through a grand gesture or a simple exchange of affection, the 32nd anniversary is a time to reflect on the joys and challenges of married life, and to look forward to the future with optimism and excitement.

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Traditional Gift: None

Modern Gift: Conveyances

A conveyance gift is a traditional gift associated with the 32nd wedding anniversary, which represents the idea of transportation or travel. This type of gift is meant to symbolize the journey that the couple has taken together over the course of their marriage, as well as the new adventures that they will embark on in the years to come.

Examples of conveyance gifts that are often given for the 32nd anniversary include:

A new car or motorcycle

A set of luggage or travel bags

A bicycle or other form of outdoor recreational equipment

A plane or cruise ship ticket for a vacation

A personalized map or globe

A piece of artwork or home decor featuring a transportation theme, such as vintage travel posters or antique car memorabilia.

Of course, while these gifts are associated with the 32nd anniversary, couples are free to choose any type of gift that they feel is appropriate and meaningful for their relationship. The most important thing is to celebrate the love and commitment that they share, and to honor the journey that they have taken together thus far.

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Associated Gemstone: None

There is no traditional or modern gemstone associated with the 32nd wedding anniversary. Unlike some other anniversaries, such as the 25th (silver) or 50th (gold), which are strongly associated with specific precious metals or stones, the 32nd anniversary does not have a designated gemstone.

That being said, some couples may choose to incorporate gemstones into their 32nd anniversary celebrations by giving each other jewelry or other gifts that feature their favorite stones. For example, some popular gemstones that might be given as gifts for the 32nd anniversary include pearls, sapphires, emeralds, or diamonds.

Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to incorporate gemstones into the 32nd anniversary celebration is up to each individual couple. What matters most is that the gifts exchanged are thoughtful and meaningful, and that they reflect the love and commitment that the couple shares.

Associated Flower: None

There is no traditional or official flower associated with the 32nd wedding anniversary. However, couples may choose to incorporate flowers into their anniversary celebration by selecting blooms that hold special meaning for them personally or that represent their relationship.

Some flowers that are often associated with love and devotion and could make good choices for a 32nd anniversary celebration include:

Of course, as with gemstones, the choice of flower is ultimately up to the couple, and they may choose to incorporate any type of flower that holds special meaning for them personally or that they simply find beautiful and fitting for their celebration.