37th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The 37th wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the "Alabaster Anniversary." Alabaster is a mineral that is often used for decorative purposes, such as sculptures or vases. It is a soft, smooth stone that can be translucent or opaque.

As with many wedding anniversaries, there are no hard and fast rules for how to celebrate a 37th anniversary. However, some people choose to give gifts made of alabaster, such as figurines or jewelry. Others may choose to take a trip to a place where alabaster is produced or where alabaster artwork is on display.

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Traditional Gift: None

There is no traditional gift associated with this anniversary.

Modern Gift: Alabaster

Alabaster is a mineral that has been used for decorative and artistic purposes for thousands of years. Its softness and translucence make it an ideal material for carving and creating intricate designs.

Here are some of the significant uses of alabaster throughout history:

Alabaster gift ideas include:

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Associated Gemstone: None

There is no specific gemstone traditionally associated with the 37th wedding anniversary. However, some people choose to give gifts that feature the color and properties of certain gemstones as a way to symbolize the occasion.

Some options to consider include:

Associated Flower: None

There is no specific flower associated with the 37th wedding anniversary, but you can still choose a flower that has a special meaning or symbolism to represent the occasion. Here are some flower options that might be fitting for a 37th anniversary: