38th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

It's a real achievement to reach another year's anniversary of marriage, approaching the beginning pot your fifth decade together! All puerile jokes aside, it's something which should be celebrated. As a couple, you've seen many things and weathered the storms as well as enjoyed the good times.

Whatever your circumstances and family life looks like now, it's worth taking time to stop and appreciate what you have. Be extravagant! Even if money is not something you have to splash about freely, use your time and deeds to show your love and commitment to one another.

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Traditional Gift: None

Traditional gifts are not listed for every year after the silver anniversary, except for those divisible by five. I am sure there are plenty of gift ideas you can think of though. Alternatively, take a look at the modern gift ideas below for some inspiration.

Modern Gift: Beryl/ Tourmaline

Tourmaline stud earrings


Did you know that the mineral beryl comes in a wide variety of colors, but when present in dark green is called emerald, and when in green-blue or blue form is aquamarine?

Other colors of beryl include pink morganite, yellow heliodor, golden beryl, and the extremely rare red beryl.

Beryl in its pure form is colorless; the colors and varieties which form are caused by impurities such as chromium and iron.

So choosing beryl as a traditional gift opens up the possibilities of highly prized emeralds, aquamarine, and a wide variety of other hues to match the tastes of the recipient. Emerald is already a traditional gift and gemstone for year 20, so perhaps it's time for another one?


Another colorful and very popular mineral is tourmaline. It comes in a wide variety of colors including pinks, blues and greens, as well as some very interesting effects such as the watermelon tourmaline (green and pink) and dichroism.

Green tourmaline is one of the gemstones listed for anniversary year ten.

Tourmaline gifts include crystal, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants.

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Associated Gemstone: Beryl/ Tourmaline

Beryl Green small stud earrings

No stone is listed as a 38th anniversary gift. However, as beryl and tourmaline are both listed as modern gifts, we'd suggest these are also the gemstones to choose for your loved one.

Associated Flower: None

No flower is associated with the 38th wedding anniversary.