4th Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas for the 4th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

Yes! It is that time of the year; time flies so fast. It's been four years since you said "I do" to the love of your life. Four beautiful years with your partner: sure, there have been ups and downs, but nothing good comes easy. For this reason, you know you have to celebrate your marriage at every opportunity you get. There is nothing that screams celebration like your anniversary. You know so much about your partner by now, and the gift options are many. Here we have assembled the perfect traditional and modern gifts to add a little spice to your marriage.

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Traditional Gift: Linen/ Silk/ Fruit/ Flowers

Linen cushion for anniversary

Flowers have always been known to brighten everyone's mood no matter which type you get. Flowers blossom beautifully, and what better representation of your marriage than a beautiful flower. The same applies to fruits, which symbolize nourishment. This is true of any marriage — to stay healthy it has to be cultivated slowly.

Examples of gifts are flower-inspired rings, brooches, bags, bedding, hair clips, sandals, summer dresses or even engraved pendants. If this is not easy to find for you can just go old school and get your spouse flowers like roses for a romantic night. But if you do decide to go with a fruity gift you can get your spouse a fruit rack of any design: this gift is simple and practical.

Linen (also a gift for year 8) is considered sacred and is even used in church. Marriage should be pure and sacred for only the two people in it. What better way to show appreciation to your spouse than getting them a linen gift. Examples can be custom made linen aprons with your family name, clothing, pillow cases with your names or titles, oven gloves, table clothes, bed sheets, blankets or just simple custom made towels.

Silk, on the other hand, is associated with luxury and romance. Silk is smooth, and after all the ups and downs of marriage, what better way to reassure your spouse than a silk-inspired gift like custom-made night robes, bed sheets, shirts or dresses.

Modern Gift: Appliances/ Nylon

Coffee maker: a small appliance to gift to your coffee loving partner

In this technological era that will live in, a piece of technology is a gift on its own. Technology makes work easier for everyone. Why not surprise your spouse with an appliance that will ease their daily errands?

Appliances vary in size, quality and uniqueness. It doesn't have to be expensive, but more a keepsake for your spouse. Get something that will mean the world to you partner without spending huge amounts of money.

It can be as simple as a juicer, toaster or coffee machine. Alternatively, if you want to go all out, you can get them a washing machine, freezer or vacuum cleaner. This category is so broad, so it is up to you to choose what you see your partner will greatly appreciate and treasure dearly.

That said, if the gift is very practical, you may also wish to gift something more romantic as well, so it doesn't seem as if you are giving an item associated only with housework chores.

As for nylon, this might be fun for you. The gift ideas are minimal but very thoughtful like getting your spouse a jersey from their favorite sports team. This will earn you high points with your spouse if they are into sports.

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Associated Gemstone: Blue Topaz/ Blue Zircon

Topaz blue pendant in silver

The blue topaz is such a beautiful gemstone. If you do your research on it you will probably fall in love with it, at first sight - I know I did. Blue topaz is calming to the mental state and gives a peaceful aura to the owner. It can be fitted in watches, necklaces, cufflinks, brooches, earrings or just a bangle. This gives you a variety to choose from because it fits in almost any jewelry.

The blue zircon is mostly associated with healing. What better way to heal and restore a marriage, whatever state it's in after four years, than with blue zircon jewelry. You can get matching bracelets, neck pieces or just bands. The blue zircon is also known as the stone of virtue. Some believe that it brings out a person's virtuous aspects.

Associated Flower: Geranium/ Hydrangea

White planter with geranium flowers

Geranium is a beautiful flower which symbolizes true friendship and favor. It has been four years since you committed to the love of your life and chances are he/she is you best friend by now because you share more intimate emotions and also wellbeing. Send a bouquet of geraniums to celebrate not only your love but your friendship. You can also make your partner breakfast in bed and add the flower to the tray as a lovely touch to your anniversary morning.

Your anniversary is all about celebrating and appreciating you partner in every sense. The hydrangea is used to show gratitude and heartfelt emotions. A bouquet of hydrangea will definitely make your partner feel special.

Other Information

Healing is crucial in every marriage after the challenges you've no doubt experienced. Lime green is mostly associated with healing. It gives off a positive energy. Get your spouse a dress or shirt which is lime green to celebrate your anniversary.

Now that we have gift-giving covered, go out and get your spouse a gift that will mean the world to them. It doesn't have to be extravagant but should be memorable. Keep in mind it's the thought that matters.