47th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The 47th wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the "Peace" anniversary. This is because the 47th year of marriage is seen as a time of peace, stability, and comfort between partners who have been together for almost half a century.

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Traditional Gift: Books / Poetry

The traditional gift for the 47th wedding anniversary is books or poetry, which symbolize the wisdom and knowledge that the couple has gained over their long marriage. Other popular gifts include flowers, particularly geraniums, which are said to represent gentleness and comfort.

Book ideas include:

Modern Gift: Garden Decor / Outdoor art

The 47th anniversary is associated with gift ideas such as garden decorations, wind chimes, or outdoor art. These gifts symbolize the peace and tranquility of nature and can be a great way to honor a long and happy marriage.

Here are some ideas:

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Associated Gemstone: None

There is no gemstone specifically associated with the 47th wedding anniversary. However, some sources suggest that the gemstones associated with the 50th wedding anniversary (gold) or the 45th wedding anniversary (sapphire) could also be appropriate for the 47th anniversary.


Gold is a classic and timeless gift, symbolizing strength, wealth, and prosperity, while sapphire is known for its beauty, durability, and strength. Both are valuable and precious gemstones that could make a meaningful gift to celebrate a long and happy marriage.


Sapphire is a beautiful gemstone that is most commonly blue in color, but can also come in other colors such as pink, yellow, green, and purple. It is associated with a variety of meanings and symbolism, including wisdom and truth, protection and guidance, strength and courage, inner peace and calm, and divine favor and blessing.

Associated Flower: Geranium

The traditional flower associated with the 47th wedding anniversary is the geranium. Geraniums are popular garden plants that come in a variety of colors and have a sweet, floral fragrance.

In the language of flowers, geraniums are said to symbolize gentility, comfort, and peacefulness, making them a fitting choice for the "Peace" anniversary. Geraniums are easy to care for and can be grown in pots or in garden beds, making them a versatile and thoughtful gift.

If you're considering giving geraniums as a gift for the 47th wedding anniversary, you could consider choosing a particular color or variety that holds special meaning for the couple. For example, red geraniums symbolize love and passion, while pink geraniums symbolize friendship and gentleness. White geraniums are said to represent innocence and purity, while blue geraniums symbolize calmness and tranquility.