49th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The 49th wedding anniversary is also known as the "Luxury Anniversary" or "Opal Anniversary". It is a significant milestone in a couple's journey together, as they celebrate 49 years of love, commitment, and partnership.

Celebrating the 49th wedding anniversary is a wonderful occasion for the couple to reflect on their journey together, their shared experiences, and the love that has sustained them through thick and thin. It is also an opportunity for their loved ones to honor and celebrate their enduring commitment and to express their appreciation for all that the couple has contributed to their lives.

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Traditional Gift: None

There is no traditional gift associated with the 49th wedding anniversary.

Modern Gift: Luxuries

The modern symbol for the 49th anniversary is the luxury gift, which can be anything that represents indulgence, extravagance, and enjoyment. This can include a luxurious vacation, a gourmet dinner, a piece of fine jewelry, or any other indulgent item that the couple would enjoy.

Possible gifts include:

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Associated Gemstone: Opal

Opal comes in two distinct varieties. Precious opal exhibits iridescence, meaning that different colors can be seen as the angle of light changes. Most precious opal gemstones are cut and polished to form cabochons. Very thin opals can be combined with other materials such as ironstone, dark or black common opal, onyx, or obsidian to form attractive gems.

Common opals include milk opal, resin opal and wood opal. These are not typically used in jewelry.

In the Middle Ages, opal was considered to provide luck. In later times, thanks in part to Sir Walter Scott's Anne of Geierstein novel in 1829, opal developed a reputation for bringing bad luck and death, even seeing a slump in sales during the 19th century. Now, however, many simply see opal as a beautiful gemstone to be cherished.

Gifts which could be given include:

Associated Flower: None

The 49th wedding anniversary is not traditionally associated with a specific flower, unlike some of the other anniversary milestones. However, as a couple celebrates nearly half a century of marriage, any beautiful and meaningful flower can be chosen to honor the occasion.

Some popular flowers that could be given as a gift or used in decoration for the 49th wedding anniversary include: