5th Wedding Anniversary

Gift Ideas for the 5th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

After five years a couple has learned more about how each other 'ticks', while navigating those stressful early years of married life. Creating a life together takes patience and sharing dreams for the future.

The traditional and modern gifts associated with this anniversary share the common element of looking forward while also expressing their loyalty. A gift for this anniversary can include the tried and tested traditional gift of wood, or a modern piece of jewelry made of rose quartz.

Like any relationship, a gift should reflect a special meaning and effort to make the receiver happy.

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Traditional Gift: Wood

Wooden sculpture of couple

Incorporating the traditional gift of wood in an anniversary gift can make it unique and charming. Items made from wood are long-lasting and become more beautiful with age, much like a marriage. To symbolize the strength of this marriage, a beautiful print or painting with a wooden frame would make a lovely gift.

Handmade artisans offer many options when it comes to wooden gifts such as jewelry boxes, serving bowls, chess sets, and objet d’art. There are numerous opportunities to hire such an artist locally or online. Some artisans are even able to make custom jewelry options out of wood. Even a wristwatch can include wood in the face, or the entire piece can be made of a wood such as bamboo. Another option is a pair of sunglasses with arms made of wood.

Wood can also be more of a practical gift. For the couple that is making a home, a rocking chair, chest, or cabinet could be both practical and regularly used. Outdoor spaces can be decorated with a bench, planter, or engraved sign. A wooden cutting board can be engraved with a monogram and wedding date. For the technology-loving individual, charging stations made out of wood like bamboo can help corral wires and cords. Wooden coasters can be decorated with a child's photo or artwork. For the cook, consider a wooden stand that could hold a cookbook open or iPad.

For couples who enjoy entertaining, there are many options. A wooden rack that holds wine and glasses or a beer bottle opener monogrammed with the couple's names could be put to good use. Coffee aficionados may appreciate a sign proclaiming their love of caffeine that also hold mugs. If you're feeling crafty, a wood burning kit can help you make a simple recipe box from a craft store into a special keepsake. Wood cases can be used to hold engraved decanters and glasses.

Modern Gift: Silverware

Silver plate

Silverware is the modern gift for the fifth wedding anniversary. Adding a touch of luxury to daily living can make something as simple as eating breakfast that much more special. Cutlery sets come in a range of colors, weights and patterns to offer even the most selective couple an option.

Silverware may not be the flashiest gift, but that’s only if you take it literally. Spoon art pieces have become popular describing how long the couple has been spooning. Also, engraved cutlery pieces can be added to a frame to make a simple custom piece. Having a piece custom made requires some planning, but the result is a sentimental piece that reminds your loved one of this special occasion. Finding an artist to make the piece is as simple as a quick Internet search.

Another option for this modern gift can be items made of silver. For example, candlesticks, serving trays or chargers can add elegance to a dinner setting. Photo frames or a favorite print in a silver frame are traditional and thoughtful. Not sure about a photo to include? Perhaps having a photo session with a professional photographer is an option.

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Associated Gemstone: Sapphire/ Rose Quartz

Sapphire bracelet

Sapphire has long been associated with good fortune, faithfulness, and sincerity, which makes it an ideal gift choice for a loved one. Most may think of sapphires as being a deep blue color, but there are a variety of colors including black and gray. The popularity of sapphires makes it easy to find a piece that coordinates with an existing wedding set. Other jewelry options include a matching necklace and earrings set. If the couple are parents, a special necklace made up of birthstones with a sapphire to symbolize this anniversary can be ordered from most jewelers.

Rose quartz symbolizes love and can be used to make stunning jewelry pieces for a loved one. This gemstone may be polished to allow the asterism or star-like appearance to be featured. Raw rose quartz can be used in distinctive drop earrings or pendants. Online retailers such as independent jewelry designers make it easier to find one of a kind piece.

Associated Flower: Daisy


Daisies have much in common with couples married five years. Daisies symbolize youth, loyalty, and remind people of the promise of long spring days, much like couples are looking forward to more happy years together. Daisies may seem simplistic, but that's part of their charm. A bouquet of daisies with a picnic basket could be a lovely way to have a simple celebration. A bouquet made up of various white flowers, including daisies, show more creativity than the standard roses.

Other Information

Those early years of marriage can be stressful, especially if a couple is just starting their careers and money is tight. Instead of a fancy dinner, why not consider recreating your first date? Reminiscing about how you two became a couple could help rekindle the love. A fun take on the progressive dinner is also an easy option. Pick up an appetizer from your favorite casual restaurant, then head over to another place for an entree, and then find dessert at a third place. Some might prefer a three-course meal rather than a meal spread out over three eateries, but the real purpose of an anniversary meal is to have fun together and celebrate.

Celebrating also doesn't have to be limited to one evening a year. In fact, spending time together can help a marriage grow. A simple gift can be planning eleven date nights for the months leading up to the next anniversary. Each envelope should include instructions, tickets, or a gift card for the couple to enjoy. This kind of gift takes planning, but it combines anticipation for the next date while making a commitment to couple time.