50th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The fiftieth wedding anniversary is known also as a golden wedding anniversary.

Spending half a century in a marriage with the person you love is incredible. It is something worth celebrating with family and friends. This golden wedding anniversary is an inspiration to newlyweds and other people who believe in the marriage institution as it shows the beauty of marriage in spite of its ups and downs. Traditionally, the golden wedding anniversary is celebrated in a particular way. Just as the name suggest, 'Golden Anniversary' would not be what it is without the color gold which mainly symbolizes wisdom, courage, and love.

Traditionally, a husband would present his wife with a gold garland or wreath, symbolising harmony, strength and durability.

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Traditional Gift: Gold

Finding the precise traditional golden gift can be tasking, but if you get the right inspiration, you will be amazed by the variety you get to choose from. A traditional gift is mainly inspired by the couple's lives and their religious beliefs. For instance, if you have a Jewish couple's anniversary to attend, it would be thoughtful to center your gift on their beliefs. A gold embroidery Kiddush cup would be dearly treasured.

However, you could go antique when thinking of a traditional gift. Antique has not only become the latest trend, but it is a wonderful gift for the golden anniversary of a friend, family member or anyone you hold dear. An antique love chair with gold throw pillows would not only spruce up a room but also give a couple with love for reading a chance to spend many more years doing what they love, as they would most probably place the love seat by a reading lamp or near a bookshelf. Another way to go about gift giving for the 50th anniversary is to regard family heirlooms. Do you have any jewelry that belonged to a grandparent that can be passed on to the couple?

Are you a wife wondering what to get your husband for your golden anniversary? Think no more: so many pawn shops have traditional and even ancient items that are a sight for sore eyes. Why not get him golden cufflinks or even an old coin if he is a coin collector? A gold record hit (for the lovers of collections or those who appreciate actual music) or an Anniversary Pewter Plate could do as well.

Modern Gift: Gold

With the world vastly changing, modern gifts are readily available and accessible. They are often cheaper than some traditional gifts, whose expense comes from their rarity.

Among the lovebirds, gold covered phones and expensive digital watches can be exchanged. The secret with giving a modern gift is to think of something new and trendy the couple may not have; for instance, the latest Nikon digital camera. However much this feels farfetched, the elder couple still prefers using cameras rather than taking selfies on their smartphones.

An alternative gift to give is golden clothing. Wouldn't it be nice for the woman to wake up on the morning of their anniversary to find a lovely gold dress on the bed with matching gold shoes that she could wear to their anniversary evening dinner?

Cutlery and utensils can be the perfect gift for couples to exchange. Moreover, it is a gift that can be given by friends and family. Wouldn't it be lovely to get your parents a gold plated cake knife and server set to be used for that day's event? A gold metallic rimmed entertaining glass would be a wonderful departure from the norm of having so much fine china in their cabinets.

Pottery has been regarded as a traditional gift for many years, but you can defy the odds by having the pots custom made and using ceramic rather than the traditional clay.

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Associated Gemstone: Gold

One fascinating fact about gold as a gemstone is its symbol of wealth, glamor and grandeur. The couple celebrating half a century together are not only celebrating life as a couple but life as business partners, as parents, as homemakers, as accomplished people. Gemstones, as a gift for the 50th anniversary, show that you believe the person receiving the gift is priceless and deserves the best and most expensive items.

Presenting them with a golden ornament can not only make them happy, but sends them the message that you appreciate their hard work together, acknowledging they have weathered so many storms. It shows them you love how they have parented you, nurtured you and been there for you. You can present golden jewelry such as gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings, lockets, hair clips, or tie clips - all of which go a long way in saying you love and care about them.

Associated Flower: Yellow roses/ violets

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Flowers have been used time and again to grace various special occasions in our lives, and to express our feelings towards those who are dear to us. Wedding anniversaries have used specific types of flowers to grace the event. It can be noted that each phase of marriage has a flower that represents it.

Violets come into mind when you think of a 50th wedding anniversary flower. Violet is known for its symbolism of nobility, dignity, faith, modesty, affection, intuition and delicate love. For Catholic couples, violet is believed to represent Immaculate Mary, and having violet on their anniversary would show that they want God to continue being an ever present entity for the remaining years they have together. If you think of bringing flowers to the couple, violets say 'you are in my thoughts' which is something the couple needs to know.

Yellow roses cannot be left behind on this particular day. These flowers are fitting for the day because they bring forth the message of 'beauty of a long prosperous marriage.' This does not mean that the marriage went by without hiccups but, rather, that they weathered the storms and faced challenges head on as true lovers and best of friends.

Other Information

Emily Post's book "Etiquette" (1922) says of the golden wedding anniversary: "Most usually this last occasion is celebrated by a large family dinner to which all the children and grandchildren are bidden. Or the married couple perhaps choose an afternoon at home and receive their friends and neighbors, who are, of course, supposed to bring presents made of gold."