60th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

A sixtieth wedding anniversary is also known as a diamond wedding anniversary or diamond jubilee.

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Traditional Gift: Yellow Diamond

Yellow diamond

We have seen yellow diamond mentioned as a traditional gift for the 60th wedding anniversary.

Yellow diamonds are those which have a more yellow-colored tint to them, due to certain mineral impurities within their structure.

This makes them less expensive than clearer diamonds, and often less desirable. However, they can still make attractive jewelry pieces.

It's also worth bearing in mind that not all couples are blessed with great wealth, and so a less expensive but just as heartfelt gift such as yellow diamond may well be just what's needed.

Modern Gift: Diamond

10K diamond and yellow gold ring

A modern take on the traditional gift for 60 years of marriage is a diamond and can be used in a variety of ways. Jewelry is always an appreciated gift and can still be personal. A watch with diamond accents can be for him or her. Also, diamonds can be inlaid in cufflinks which are traditional but can be designed with modern touches.

Another modern gift option for a family matriarch may be a charm bracelet. A simple bracelet can be adorned with symbolic charms given from members of the family. This gift is a simple way to celebrate a family and all of their milestones. One special charm could have the traditional gift of a diamond.

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Associated Gemstone: Diamond

Blue and natural white round diamond double heart pendant necklace

Diamonds are a traditional part of Western wedding ring sets. Rings have no beginning or end which can symbolize the love a couple feels for each other throughout their marriage. Perhaps this is especially true for a couple that has been married for a better part of a century. This couple may consider having their wedding ring set given to their children or grandchildren. A piece of jewelry from this couple passed onto younger generations symbolizes the love of the family and the hope that they too will find a long-lasting relationship.

The art of choosing a diamond is a subject well beyond what we can offer here. We are not experts at all.

It's also worth bearing in mind the source of the diamond. Those mined in countries where conflict has occurred, and where the proceeds may have been used to fund oppressive regimes, are known as 'blood diamonds' and are really best avoided.

Buying diamond jewelry from a reputable jeweller should help minimise this risk.

Associated Flower: Orchid

Closeup of orchid flower

The orchid is listed as a flower which represents the sixtieth wedding anniversary.

Various meanings or attributes given to the orchid include rare beauty, love, refinement, beautiful lady, mature charm, beauty, long life, thoughtfulness, luxury and strength. It's also the Chinese symbol for many children.

Other Information

The family of the happy couple may consider hosting a party to celebrate this milestone. A party could be an intimate affair or a large event that is more formal. A quirky theme could have food, decorations, and entertainment reminiscent of the year the coupled married. This throwback party could be a fun way to reminiscence. Be sure to include photos of the couple throughout their marriage. A couple that has stayed together for a better part of a century probably have deep roots in their community that would want to also be a part of the celebration. If the couple is religious, they may want to invite their religious leaders and fellow faithful in a celebration. A portrait with a large mat could be signed with well wishes by guests.

Another way to commemorate this anniversary is by having a family portrait taken. A photo of children, their spouses, grandchildren, and possibly great grandchildren would be a treasured item. Special pieces of art could be commissioned to create a family tree in a painting or drawing so their collective history could be saved. Place the photos in a leather bound album with letters from the couple to make a keepsake. Anniversaries are a time to think about the passage of time and a couple married for sixty years would be sure to appreciate a photo of generations of their family together.

Newspapers, radio, and local television announcements may also be a way to announce this special anniversary. However, some couples may also request a special religious blessing. For example, Catholic couples can request a papal blessing through the Vatican. American couples can request a special greeting from the White House, and Australian couples may request a congratulatory message from the Governor-General. Those celebrating in Great Britain may request an anniversary message from the Royal family. Check with your local and national government to see if a special message is possible.

A fun trip for the couple could be another way to celebrate. There are adventurous options such as National Geographic cruises where one could meet polar bears or even smaller trips like a weekend at a bed and breakfast. If possible, a visit to where they took their first honeymoon may be an option. It could be fun to see how much things have changed since their first visit sixty years ago. If a honeymoon wasn't possible sixty years ago then recreating a special trip or visiting a place that was important to them when they were young are also options. The couple's children and grandchildren could make this a special gift.