61st Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The sixty-first wedding anniversary is quite a milestone indeed. Coming after the diamond anniversary, it has few official gifts or traditions associated with it, but there's still plenty of room for giving a thoughtful, meaningful present or experience.

At 61 years, it's highly likely the couple will have grown up children and maybe even grandchildren. Depending on their lifestyle, they may also be well settled in their family home, with many memories around them.

Token gifts may mean less, as they could simply be seen as clutter, when a couple may already have so many possessions.

Perhaps experiences, holidays, or significant natural products may be more appropriate.

Traditional Gift: Plants

Although most countries do not have a traditional gift associated with the 61st wedding anniversary, France's gift is a platanus, also knowns as a plane tree.

Platanus can grow to an extremely tall tree, reaching from 30 to 50m (98-164ft) tall when mature. They are frequently used ornamentally in urban areas and are particularly popular in London.

Another natural gift could be a shrub of any kind; a particularly thoughtful gift for couples who are keen on gardening and have space for a mature, long-living plant.

Modern Gift: Luxury Cruise

A modern gift indeed, for those couples who love the sea, ships, and cruising, a luxury cruise could be just what's needed.

A cruise can often be tailored to be as active or laid-back as desired, which is an important consideration now that the couple is advanced in years.

Associated Gemstone: -

There is no official gemstone associated with the 61st wedding anniversary, but any jewelry-loving person will surely appreciate a personal, affectionate gift in a precious metal or stone.

Associated Flower: -

Flowers are a welcome addition to any home, and despite there not being any official flower associated with this anniversary, a favorite bloom will be sure to light up the recipient and the house.

Why not choose 61 blooms of varying types of flower, to be truly extravagant?