64th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

Your marriage must certainly have been blessed upon reaching the end of your 64th year together.

Perhaps children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren bless the dedicated couple. The 64th wedding anniversary is one to celebrate, revere and treasure.

Though the couple is sure to be at least in their 8th decade together, celebrations can still be exuberant and interesting.

Fill a day of celebration with special experiences and heartfelt time with family and close friends.

Possessions may be less of an issue for the long-lived couple, but events, food, drink and fun should top the agenda.

Allow plenty of time for reminiscing on a life spent together.

Traditional Gift: -

There is no traditional wedding gift commonly associated with the 64rd wedding anniversary.

We've read that in France, a traditional gift may be broadtail or karakulcha. Today's more sensitive ethical fashion trends may well rule out this kind of gift.

By the 64th year you will almost certainly have your own traditions as a couple, so why not find a gift based on those?

Modern Gift: -

There is no modern wedding gift associated with the 64th wedding anniversary — hardly surprising given the seemingly fleeting nature of many relationships these days.

Sixty-four years together for any couple is a major and rare achievement, despite people generally living longer.

Even in your advanced years, perhaps there's still something 'modern' you long to do as a couple — travel, sport, hobby — for which an introductory gift might be appropriate. You're never too old to start something new!

Associated Gemstone: -

There's no traditional gemstone commonly associated with the sixty-fourth wedding anniversary, but your taste in jewelry should surely be apparent by now.

We've read that sunstone may be an appropriate 64th wedding anniversary gift.

Associated Flower: Sunflowers

Sunflower may be considered a flower for the 64th wedding anniversary, though any beautiful flowers are sure to brighten the day.

Other Information

If you're into numbers, note that the 64th wedding anniversary is 2^6 (two to the power of six). The last time a power of two anniversary came around was 32 years ago.

Maybe some elaborate chess set is in order: 64 squares after all.