7th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The 7th wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with gifts of copper or wool. Copper is said to symbolize warmth and closeness in a relationship, while wool represents comfort and security. Couples often celebrate by exchanging gifts or taking a romantic trip together. Other traditional ideas include renewing wedding vows or hosting a dinner party with close friends and family. The focus is on celebrating the love and commitment made in the first seven years of marriage.

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Traditional Gift: Copper/ Wool

Copper wine cups


Copper represents prosperity, good luck and good fortune.

There are plenty of ornate objects, some with practical usage, which could be gifted. These include copper pots, frames and bracelets. Many of these items are handmade by skilled craftsmen, and hence speak of commitment and dedication when given as a gift.


Wool represents comfort, durability, security, and warmth.

There are plenty of woollen gifts to choose from including clothing, scarves and rugs. Aran sweaters include zig-zag ‘marriage lines’ which represent the ups and downs of married life.

Modern Gift: Brass/ Desk Sets

Brass sundial


Brass, comprised of copper and zinc, has many varied uses. Its distinctive bright gold-like appearance and handling properties make it a popular choice for many items including musical instruments.

Gifts made from brass can include engraved signs, pens, oil burners, decorative locks, and brass casting ornaments.

Desk Sets

It's perhaps somewhat ironic that a contemporary rather than traditional gift is the desk set, given the apparent decline in writing, mail correspondence and the like.

However, if your spouse is someone who loves reading, traditional writing, or who handles a lot of postal mail, and already has a favourite desk or table which they call their own, some kind of desk set could be ideal.

The range of goods which could comprise a desk set is almost limitless. The more traditional image of a desk set is of a desk pad, letter knife, stationery and pen holders, and various note books or indexes.

These can range from luxurious leather affairs to more practical items in metal, wood or plastic.

There are so many options online, it's worth perusing and finding items which coordinate well together, along with any existing things they might own, and fit in with their lifestyle.

A twist on the desk set might be some kind of technological solution. If they're often using laptops, tablets and a smartphone at a home office desk or bureau, perhaps some kind of charging/docking station, wire tidy, or other practical gift would be appreciated. There's no harm in modernising the gift ideas to better suit how you live.

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Associated Gemstone: Onyx/ Yellow Sapphire

Black onyx pendant necklace

The seventh anniversary gemstone is onyx or yellow sapphire.


Onyx is a mineral which comes in a wide variety of colors, although black onyx is perhaps the most famous. Visually, it's made up of bands of different shades. Sardonyx is a variation of onyx primarily comprising of red shaded bands.

True onyx, particularly black onyx, is quite hard to find, and expensive. Artificial and misnamed onyx is commonly found for sale.

Onyx is traditionally used in carvings, and jewellery such as cabochons and beads.

Green onyx was often used as plinths for 1920s-30s art deco sculptures, as well as for trays and pin dishes adorned with small bronze animals or other figures.

The ancient Romans carried amulets of sardonyx engraved with Mars, the god of war, believing this to bestow courage in battle.

In Renaissance Europe, wearing sardonyx was believed to bestow eloquence, while a traditional Persian belief is that it can ease epilepsy. English midwives once used sardonyx to ease childbirth.

Onyx gifts can include necklaces and rings for both men and women. Particularly nice pieces include silver rings with an inset onyx, and pendants mixing onyx with other precious stones and metals.

Yellow Sapphire

Though sapphires are commonly thought of as blue gemstones, fancy sapphires also come in yellow, purple, orange, green, brown and violet.

Yellow 'fancy' sapphires come predominantly from Australia. Despite often being used as a cheaper substitute for yellow diamond, they surely stand on their own as beautiful gemstones.

Yellow sapphires can vary in tone. The finest stones have an AAA quality rating. The rarest yellow sapphires have a vivid or orangey yellow tone.

Experts suggest that the biggest factor affecting the price of natural yellow sapphires is how they are set, rather than the gemstone itself.

Sapphires are almost as durable as diamond.

Price wise, a yellow sapphire might be about half the price of a comparably-sized and carat-rated yellow diamond.

Yellow sapphire is commonly set in a ring.

Associated Flower: Freesia

Bunch of yellow freesias

Freesias represent sweetness, friendship and trust.

Freesias are a type of flowering plant native to South Africa. They belong to the Iridaceae family and are popular for their sweet fragrance and vibrant colors, which include shades of yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, and white. Freesias are commonly used in cut flower arrangements and are also popular as potted plants. They are relatively easy to grow and care for, and their blooms last for several weeks. In addition to their beauty and fragrance, freesias are also used in traditional medicine in South Africa to treat a variety of ailments.