8th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

Traditional Gift: Bronze/ Pottery/ Salt

Bronze, an amalgam of tin and copper, represents a strong marriage formed by the joining of two individuals as a couple. It emphasises love and a high priority on spending time together.

Pottery is formed from clay, and so represents the moulding of the marriage relationship into something beautiful.

There are plenty of ornate objects, some with practical usage, which could be gifted. These include bronze pots, frames and bracelets, pottery vases and ornaments. Many of these items are handmade by skilled craftsmen, and hence speak of commitment and dedication when given as a gift.

Modern Gift: Linens/ Lace

A contemporary eighth anniversary gift is linen (also a gift for year 4) or lace. Both practical and highly fancy gifts could be given made from intricate woven fabrics.

Linen gifts can include clothing, accessories, bedding and tableware.

Associated Gemstone: Tourmaline

The eighth anniversary gemstone is tourmaline.

Associated Flower: Clematis/ Lilac

Clematis or lilac.

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