9th Wedding Anniversary

The Basics

The 9th wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with gifts of pottery or willow. Willow represents flexibility and resilience in a relationship, while pottery symbolizes the ability to shape one's own life. Couples often celebrate by exchanging gifts or taking a trip together. Some traditional ideas include renewing wedding vows or hosting a dinner party with close friends and family. The focus is on celebrating the love, commitment, and growth in the first nine years of marriage.

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Traditional Gift: Pottery/ Willow/ Copper

Pottery wine decanter


A traditional ninth wedding anniversary gift is pottery, which represents the moulding of a marriage relationship into something beautiful.

Gifts made from pottery can be both beautiful and practical, including pots for the garden, items for the kitchen, plaques, lamps and more. A hand-crafted item made by a skilled artisan may cost more, but will be a unique and precious memento of your ninth year together.


An alternative 9th anniversary gift is copper, symbolising prosperity, good luck and good fortune.

There are plenty of ornate objects, some with practical usage, which could be gifted. These include copper pots, frames and bracelets. Many of these items are handmade by skilled craftsmen, and hence speak of commitment and dedication when given as a gift.


Another natural ninth wedding anniversary gift is willow. This flexible tree is capable of bending seemingly to extremes without snapping. This is an amazing symbol of a marriage. We are reminded to adjust with life, rather than fighting it.

The willow tree also encourages deep emotional expression, particularly of more difficult things such as grief and sadness. By the ninth year of marriage, a couple is sure to have experienced a degree of such emotion, as life inevitably throws us things we weren't expecting.

Gifts can include decorative and functional items made from willow, including picnic baskets and other decorative storage baskets. Alternatively, how about a lovely framed picture or photograph depicting the willow tree, perhaps with an inspirational message.

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Modern Gift: Leather

Leather jacket

Leather is a contemporary ninth anniversary gift, representing durability, warmth, strength, flexibility and resiliency — qualities that help marriages to thrive.

There are a myriad of leather gifts that can be bought, including accessories, bracelets, clothes, diaries, handbags, houseware, key holders, necklaces, phone cases, photo albums, purses, shoes and wallets.

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Associated Gemstone: Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli heart

The gemstone associated with the ninth wedding anniversary is lapis lazuli. This deep blue semi-precious stone has been used for centuries and is prized for its coloring. The name comes from the Latin word for stone, and the Medieval Latin word lazulum meaning sky or heaven. Therefore, it is "sky stone" or "heaven stone".

Some believe the stone to provide protection from psychic attacks, offering deep peace, harmony, the revelation of inner truth, honesty, compassion, self-awareness and self-expression.

The stone can be highly polished and then made into jewelry, carvings, boxes, ornaments, statues and vases.

Stone substitutes for lapis lazuli are spinel, sodalite, dyed jasper or howlite.

Associated Flower: Bird of paradise/ poppy

Bird of paradise flower

An exotic flower associated with the ninth anniversary is the bird of paradise (strelitzia). Native to South Africa, its flowers resemble birds of paradise. It's also known as the crane flower.

Alternatively, the humble poppy is a beautiful flower which can be used for the 9th anniversary.